Janus Associates provides turn-key development services for investors and property owners who wish to either develop or sell their property. Janus Associates also provides pre-acquisition services, and/or complete acquisition services – from acquisition to back-end warranty and property management services for developers of all types of projects.

Pre-Construction Services

Cost Estimates and Feasibility: Janus Associates provides detailed pre-construction vertical and horizontal cost analysis, as well as value engineering and market analysis. Cost data is generated from real-time quotes and current quarterly pricing of commodities and services.

Environmental Assessments: Janus Associates provides detailed reviews of geotechnical data, zoning, and regulatory planning, as well as local municipal planning goals in conjunction with project goals.

Zoning and Environmental Compliance: Janus Associates assists clients with rezoning applications, variances, and other predevelopment regulatory issues, providing turn-key services for developers and property owners.

Market Analysis: Janus Associates, with partners and local relationships, provides full-service marketing solutions, as well as detailed market history and sales data, combined with market take-down figures and market penetration sales figures.

Specifications and Scope of Work: Janus Associates assists clients with the creation of detailed construction specifications, selections, and products to meet their market and budget requirements.

Construction Services

Field Management: Janus Associates provides full-service field management and project management services on a cost-plus or lump sum basis. Contract terms are flexible and vary depending on project requirements.

Design Staff and Customer Selection Management: Janus Associates manages all aspects of customer selections and data management with our online client database. This gives clients, designers, owners, field staff, and various tradesman and suppliers real-time access to the evolving design selections.

Schedule and Production Management: Janus Associates manages all scheduling, procurement, and contract management on behalf of clients and owners.

Cost Control and Cash Flow Analysis: Janus Associates provides detailed cost data, as well as cash flow projections and current marketing.

Quality Control and Contract Management: Janus Associates provides detailed scopes and quality control systems, as well as compliance with all required codes and local municipal requirements.

Post-Construction Services

Asset Management: Janus Associates provides post-construction management of projects, maintaining core services, cleaning, utilities, security, Home Owners Associations, and purchaser change orders and closing assistance, as well as clerical and back-office services.

Warranty Service: Janus Associates provides full-service warranty and back-end services to keep purchasers comfortable and to ensure that they are receiving the highest service in the industry.